AQWP2 - Quarter Waveplates

The AQWP2 is a lower cost alternative than multi layer achromatic retarders. The achromatic quarterwave retarder converts incoming plane polarized light into circular polarization the same as AQWP3 but has a smaller effective bandwidth. The AQWP2 broadband waveplate is popular with micro display manufacturers needing to miniaturize wearable products or for optical isolation in display systems.

Vis Achromatic Quarterwave Retarder

  • Active Range: 410nm-660nm
  • Lowest cost broadband retarder
  • True zero order
  • Wide angle of acceptance
  • Very large clear apertures
  • Free standing or laminated between glass
  • Large aperture available, 100mm OD

Specification Focus

  • .02 waves tolerance
  • 99% internal transmittance

Spec Downloads

Off The Shelf – 1″ Diameter
AQWP2 Component – $495 each
Off The Shelf – 1″ Diameter AQWP2 Component – $495 each
Coated Freestanding Achromat
Sublimated – High Performance
Coated Freestanding Achromat Sublimated – High Performance
BBAR Glass Laminated
Waveplate Components
BBAR Glass Laminated Waveplate Components

Glass Laminated

Economical Visible Broadband Quarterwave Retarder

Bolder Vision custom manufactures broadband quarterwave retarders 410-660nm. Our glass laminated retarder delivers low transmitted wavefront distortion, high internal transmittance and very large clear apertures.
Custom Sizes
BVO will manufacture any size glass for your requirements. OEM wafer slicing or water jet cutting available.

AQWP2 Broadband Quarterwave Retarder Component

Birefringent Material Polymer, sandwiched between BK-7 substrates
Recommended Wavelength Range λ/4, over visible region from 410 – 660nm
Surface Quality 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Substrates BK-7, grade-A, fine annealed
AR Coating R ≤ 0.65% loss per surface (normal incidence) average,
BBAR 400-900nm wavelength range
Size 25.4mm outer diameter, 80% clear aperture (20mm)
Acceptance Angle ± 15 degrees
Unit Thickness 4.15mm +/- .20mm
Optic Axis Stability ≤ 2 degree
Wavefront Distortion λ/4 @ 632.8nm
Temperature Range 20° C to 60° C
Wedge ≤ 2 minutes
Damage Threshold CW: 500 Watt/cm2
Vis Pulsed: .3 J/cm2 10 nsec pulses @ 532nm

Visible Broadband Quarterwave Retarder

A single film broadband quarter waveplate. The AQWP2 retarder does not exhibit the dramatic dispersion seen in single layer retarder films or suffer from high out of plane retardance. The AQWP2 is available as a free standing film, but is only 90 microns thick.

Advantages of broadband retarders

Distinctly useful for OEM applications

Form Factor – Free standing waveplates can be sliced or die cut specifically for custom applications. The AQWP2 retarder can be cut into geometric shapes using a digital cutter.

Cost – Per unit cost contracts due to less raw materials and labor. The retardation characteristics are exactly the same as our standard product. Some designs do not call for low transmitted wavefront or high abrasion resistance. If this is true for you, the free standing polymer achromatic waveplate may be a wise choice to consider.

AQWP2 – Economic Quarterwave Retarder Film Specifications

Birefringent Material Modified polymer
Polymer Index of Refraction 1.58
Polymer Thickness .09mm, +/- 0.05mm
Optional AR Coating R ≤ .75% per surface Avg.,  400-700nm
Environmental 60° C at 90% RH for 1000 hours
80° C for 1000 hours dry, -30° C for 1000 hours dry
-20° C (1 hour) to 75° C (1 hour) for 100 cycles