Why Polymer Waveplates Are A Good Choice

Polymer waveplates have specific advantages over crystalline waveplates

Large Apertures – Polymer waveplates can be made for large aperture components and we are able to manufacture large components within reasonable cost budgets. Traditionally, large polarization control components are extremely difficult to manufacture (crystalline products) or prohibitively expensive.

True Zero Order – Polymer waveplates are true zero order. They have less dispersion (wavelength dependence) and higher angle tolerances. Other manufacturers make “compound zero order” waveplates, which means that they cross two multi-order waveplates in order to yield a one quarter waveplate or half waveplate. This crossed waveplate method produces a higher angle sensitivity and wavelength dependence.

Patterned Components – Polymer waveplates are capable of being patterned into geometric designs. The waveplates can then be combined with our polarizing materials to yield a custom product tailored for OEM specifications.

Waveplate Integration – We can laminate anti-reflection coated polymer directly onto your pre-existing components with our advanced lamination techniques. The customer saves space and money while optimizing their system.

Price – The price of polymer large aperture waveplates is a better value than other types of retarders. In larger volumes (greater than 100 units) we can reduce the price of a high grade retarder so that it fits into tight OEM budgets while still offering superior quality.

Waveplate Highlight

  • OEM Flexibility
  • Large apertures
  • Large field of view
  • Low dispersion
  • Rigid free standing achromatic waveplates

Achromatic Waveplates

  • Quarterwave and halfwave retarders
  • 1″ OD visible and NIR retarders in stock
  • Low-cost
  • OEM sizes available
  • Large bandwidth

Zero-Order Waveplates

  • ≥ 100mm apertures
  • True zero-order
  • Large field of view

AQWP3 – Visible Achromatic Quarter Waveplates

Quarterwave visible band achromatic retarders create visible broadband circular polarization

AQWP6 – Near Infrared Achromatic Quarter Waveplates

Quarterwave NIR achromatic retarders create NIR broadband circular polarization

AHWP3 – Visible Achromatic Half Waveplates

Halfwave achromatic retarders rotate visible broadband plane of polarization

AHWP6 – Near Infrared Achromatic Half Waveplates

Halfwave NIR achromatic retarders rotate NIR broadband plane of polarization

free standing
achromatic waveplates

  rigid stand alone

  Optional BBAR coatings on one side or two

  Precision cutting to custom geometries in volume

  ideal for AR/VR markets



Narrowband waveplates

large dimensions

true zero order

wide angle of incidence