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Zero Order Waveplates
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True Zero Order Waveplates
True zero order waveplates are available in custom retardances and configurations. All waveplates are laminated between high grade optical quality substrates with antireflection coatings. Waveplates are separated into two grades, standard and volume OEM.

Standard Waveplates
The benchmark of waveplates. Chief characteristics of our standard waveplates are low transmitted wavefront distortion (λ/4 measured @ 632nm), excellent antireflection coatings (R ≤ .2% per surface) and high retardance accuracy (retardance error ≤ λ/333). Your choice of substrates, BK-7 or fused silica. Minimum order quantities approaching 5 units make these waveplates very price competitive.

Volume OEM Waveplates
Beats the price barrier. Volume waveplates are cost effective due to process, however, performance will not lag. Traditionally, these waveplates are manufactured in large format and cut for yield. Substrates such as Schott B270 are used (wavefront distortion does increase some) and include broadband antireflection coatings. Call us today with your custom application.

Typical Polymer Dispersion
typical polymer dispersion
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