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Bolder Vision Optik specializes in producing polarization control components. Liquid crystal devices, waveplates (retarders), achromatic waveplates and polarizers are manufactured in our Boulder, Colorado facility. Bolder Vision supplies standard, custom and OEM volume components. Choose the topic below to learn more about each product.
Liquid Crystal Devices
Liquid crystal devices are excellent for many light switching or variable retarder applications. Standard liquid crystal components include OEM grade devices for introduction to the principles of polarization control. Custom and volume production optics are also available. Inquire with your application today.
LC products
Two liquid crystal variable attenuators,
demonstrates 1000:1 extinction capability
Bolder Vision polymer waveplates are true zero-order components. Polymer waveplate advantages over crystalline waveplates include wider angular acceptance, less sensitivity to change in wavelength (dispersion) and can be manufactured for large apertures. Achromatic waveplates are also available in standard and custom configurations.
achromatic stack
Rendition of polymer stack
used for achromatic waveplates
Bolder Vision offers very high transmissive / high contrast dichroic sheet polarizer. Near UV, visible and infrared polarizer are all available in a variety of configurations. Additionally, patterned polarizer components can be manufactured on custom basis.
polarizer quad cell
Custom polarizer quad cell
Optic Subassemblies
Many of our components are integrated into larger subassemblies. Bolder Vision has expertise in the incorporation of components into mechanical housings, optic systems or electronic boards. Engineering considerations for thermal expansion, adhesion or stress birefringence are all considered by our team before assembly. Customer receives a finished assembly according to their specification and packaged accordingly.