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UV, Visible, IR Polarizer
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Why Use Bolder Vision For Polarizers?

Dichroic polarizers cover the spectrum from ultraviolet to near infrared (330nm-2000nm). There are two distinct regions (390nm - 425nm and 650nm - 850nm) where polarizer overlaps. We wade through all the technical data and offer you our best recommendation.

Our manufacturing expertise includes the capability to machine laminate polarizer onto preexisting components. Polarizer can be directly antireflection coated (v-coat,broad band) if durability is not a key issue. Traditional lamination of polarizer between substrates of your choice is available.

Custom Patterning
Optic engineers work directly with customers to produce OEM patterned polarizer components. We are capable of laminating waveplate materials to polarizers to create unique masks for demanding system applications. Liquid crystal devices can be combined with patterned polarizer in order to create dual use components.

We use modern lamination techniques in order to fuse birefringent polymers or specialized display films (such as DBEF or BEF) to our polarizer.

Some customers require die cut components. Sheet polarizer can be sliced to tight tolerances or die cut for unique geometries.
  • Integrate polarizer to prexisting optics
  • large apertures
  • custoom designs and patterning
  • custom AR coats if needed
blankUltraviolet Polarizer
  • Dichroics (lower damage threshold)
  • Crystalline (higher damage threshold)
  • Broadband to cover near UV and partial visible spectrum
blankVisible Polarizer
  • Large selection focused for OEM product
  • High extinction ratios
  • High transmission
  • Cost Effective
blankInfrared Polarizer
  • Glass Type: high transmission, high contrast, high damage threshold (more expensive)
  • Dichroics: Cost effective, high contrast, easy integration