BVO 777 Polarizer

BVO 777 is one of the cheapest imaging capable hybrid linear polarizers. It covers the important short NIR laser diode / LED lines of 740nm, 780nm and 785nm. Additionally, it has solid visible polarizer performance making it a good hybrid choice for imaging and all other applications. Consider BVO 777 linear polarizer if you need to cover near infrared and visible wavelengths at a minimum cost.

Visible / Near Infrared Dichroic Linear Polarizer

  • Active Range: 420nm – 800nm
  • Hybrid Visible / NIR polarizer
  • Type – transmissive, absorptive
  • Polarize 740nm, 780nm LED’s
  • Polarize 785nm laser diodes
  • Lowest cost Visible / NIR coverage
  • Imaging capable
  • BBAR coated BK-7 components available
  • Replaces 3M polarizer – HN 22


  • Biotech Instruments
  • Machine Vision Imaging – Glare Reduction
  • NIR Sensors – Optical, Solid State
  • NIR Cameras
  • Magnetometers
  • Vein Viewing Polarization Contrast
  • Multispectral Imaging – Retina
  • Agriculture Inspection
  • Biometrics Polarization
  • Polarized Microscopy

Spec Downloads

Precision Polarizer - Glass Laminated Components
Precision Polarizer – Glass Laminated Components
OEM Volume - Custom Specs Reduced Cost
OEM Volume – Custom Specs Reduced Cost
Raw Polarizer -  Digitally Cut to Shape or Custom Mounted
Raw Polarizer – Digitally Cut to Shape or Custom Mounted

Film Specifications

Polarizer Range 420nm – 800nm
Contrast Ratio > 5,000:1, nominal
Maximum Dimension 450mm x 300mm
Thickness .44mm
Film Cutting Tolerances ± 50 microns
Adhesive (PSA) None, PSA option available
Temperature Range -20° C to 60° C
Damage Threshold 1 W/cm2, CW
0.2 J/cm2 with 20 nsec pulse, visible
Color Neutral Gray
Substrate Plastic Type, “Cellulose Triacetate”, dichroic
Surface Quality 80/50 Scratch-Dig

Component Specifications

Outer Dimension 25.4mm OD ± 0.20mm
Wavefront Distortion Lambda/2 measured @ 632nm
Thickness 4.5mm ± 0.20mm
Substrates BK-7
Surface Quality 40/20 Scratch-Dig
Beam Deviation 2 arc minutes
Anti-reflection coatings R ≤ .65% / surface, average. 400nm-900nm
Environmental Tolerance -10˚ C to 60˚ C

Glass & Coating

Optical Grade BK-7
  • Industry standard optics glass
  • Good transmission visible and NIR
  • Best for low wavefront distortion
  • Thickness flexibility
  • Double side polished, lambda/10 surface flatness
  • Refractive index – 1.52
  • R ≤ .65% per surface, avg.
  • Ultra broad range, 400nm to 900nm
  • pdfView Optical Grade BK-7 Specs

    Corning Display Glass
    • Thin glass, excellent clarity
    • No residual birefringence
    • Imaging quality flatness
    • Thin substrates – .7mm, 1.1mm each
    • Refractive index – 1.50
  • R ≤ .65% per surface, avg.
  • Visible range, 425nm to 685nm
  • pdfView Corning Eagle 2000 Specs

    • No residual birefringence
    • Cheapest option for laminated products
    • Digitally cut for all geometric shapes
    • Thin substrates – flexible
    • Refractive index – 1.49

    pdfView Acrylic Specs

    BK-7 Transmission
    Corning Eagle Glass Transmission
    BBAR 400nm-900nm, BK-7 Coating Scan
    HEA BBAR 425nm-685nm, Display Glass Coating Scan