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Liquid Crystal Components
Liquid crystal cells in ECB, VAN, TN or piCell modes. Wavelength coverage from 400-2000nm, specializing in production, prototype or custom volumes. Liquid crystal design and system integration coupled with manufacturing capabilities.
Waveplates / Retarders
Achromatic and narrowband waveplates for precision and volume applications. Laminated or glass mounted waveplates (retarders) with very large apertures (wafers) down to die cut custom pieces. Small orders to OEM volume accepted.
Polarizer solutions for UV, visible and IR wavelengths. Ultra high contrast visible polarizer to inexpensive NIR polarizer for all low power applications. Upgrade or replace previous Polaroid/3M polarizer materials.
Component integration for system development. Twenty five years of experience with polarization control components. We will help you get it right the first time.
New Products

» Near Infrared Polarizer Introduced - new, inexpensive, high contrast ratio, reflective/transmissive type polarizer for bandwidths 500-1100nm. HOT PRODUCT

» Large Aperture Waveplate Process Online - up to 150mm outer dimension waveplates now available. Total thickness as little as 1.5mm or thicker for demanding imaging applications.

» Achromatic Broadband Circular Polarizer - replaces old narrowband circular polarizer, now minimum of 99.6% optical isolation over 425-700nm.
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Optical Isolation - Visible,
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